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To the blood taker, your girlfriend snores.

I think I need to take a moment to relate just how much I love my life.
Even with all details that have me constantly second guessing myself..
I have everything I could ask for.

Recently I've transferred passions.
One might say that I have exchanged lips for pages
and now the lines I read between don't have such sociological relevance.
Usually. This new found love for reading and the worlds inside books
is a wonderful relapse of constance.
I am pleased, the mentioned Dragonlance fan..
(definitely spent more than ten dollars on those this week.) {I can't even read them until I finish my silly Advanced Placement English books >:P}
but this made me smile.

As well, my lover is currently bald. A fact which shocks me as much as his reaffirmation into said role. :grins: I'm happy though. Even though I don't really want to abandon thoughts of that Freudian barista with the cure Mario tattoo. But.. it's Bobby. He has time on his side.

But for now. goodnight.


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