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stay still sleepy head
So I'm writing this here since I don't have paper and need to remember things.
I'm a little self conscious about the sound of the keys as I type,
since John is trying to sleep beside me. Last night I asked him how long he thought we'd last.
He said, "I don't know.. at the rate we're going now.. not forever. But if things take a turn for the better, I bet we can last until July." mergpfft. He's moving back to Finland.
I'm conflicted. And will likely spend my senior year single.
Speaking of seniors. In the last few weeks, I've gotten to know two seniors very well who I love and deeply respect. Sutter and Becca Murdaugh. Sutter is my DM for Dungeons & Dragons. He's quiet. And inanely sarcastic. We've been keeping him company recently and he goes along with a joke really well. He's leaving for UTc later this year.
And Becca. I wuv Becca. She's so kind and she has quite the insight. Yesterday we were talking about past relationships. And she made good points.
"I'm really glad I didn't sleep with anyone I've dated, I mean... it hurt when we broke up but I feel that would've been harder to handle"
She also said she wouldn't be taking a new boyfriend for her first year of college so she could concentrate. She didn't want to get distracted.
She's going to UTk, hopefully I am too.
But my GPA is around a 3.
So I'm going to have to try hard to get in.

Yesterday I lost my keys.
Oh, I started driving real recently. wohoo.
But I lost my keys while in Kroger searching for picnic supplies.
It was really upsetting but I think I concealed that well.
Becca drove us to the park, and we had a nice albeit windy picnic with John & Sutter.

I lost all hope for humanity for a second though, when they hid my backpack.
I thought someone had stolen it and that it was gone along with my keys.
It was just a joke.. but man. That really sucked for a second.
Like. I nearly cried.

"You're not crazy, you're just wrong"

Then last night, after making a copy of the spare key. John & I went back to his grandmothers house, since she's out of town. (we're housesitting) So we spent the night there.
I'm surrounded by all these books. About spirits and the mind and soul help.
(she works as what's known as a Reiki master) ((Which sounds sorta like Heikki, Johns middle name)) And.. If I had that touch read spell like my DND character has, I would be so happy here.
I need to write a research paper today..
About a story called Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?. Speaking of, future self! Joyce Carrol Oates is a great author. You should buy a book of her short stories.
And later Lorelei invited us over for some awesome desert.
Not sure what. =)

Oh. Aand I went to saturday school yesterday due to the amount of snow days we missed.
It sort of sucked but was kind of a joke.

And we slept with a cat ^_^


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