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false priests
we're four fish in Inwood, wishing these easy days would never end.
Oh, vacation. How I revel in your sanctity.
Nic & Lorelei, Bobby and I.
Are staying in New York from July 1 to the 14th.
It's been so wonderful so far, personal struggle none withstanding.
See, under evaluation I notice inherent flaws in myself.
And I strive to fix them, if I only knew how.
I've been perceived as a fake.
It took three people saying this for me to consider it a solid opinion.
As such. Evaluation is necessary to purge myself of this quality.
Since I can even notice it now.
But I don't know how to remedy said personal flaw.
All I have is to actively try to be a better person and
to read. a lot.
I'm working on that.
I recently concluded the core three Dragonlance books which were outstanding.
I even tried to get my partner to try to roleplay one of the characters.
A new level of geek, one might say.

And now I'm on to my required summer reading.
Which so far is actually quite pleasant.
Also. I may move to New York with my present company when Lorelei & I finish high school next spring. Though. my heart belongs to Portland, I'd say.
oh me.
Anyway, that's the tall and short of what's going on nowadays
tell me if you see any loose mustaches running aboutm,

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