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In light of recent discoveries I have a queer observation to impart about folks.
Those who have grown up in home schooled households seem to follow the most pleasant (also slightly non sequitar) lifestyle which puts these people in a esoteric, slightly estranged position in society. Thus imbuing them with tons of eclectic knowledge.
Which. One might say is great. I would say that.
see. I made a friend.
and he's awesome.
I learned that Jehovah's Witness followers aren't allowed to receive blood transfusions.
They carry a card in their wallet telling the doctors that they can't save them.
I want to make some arbitrary allusion to credit cards and the fatal state of the economy.

One Friday I will be running my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Many times I have played before, this is my first experience presiding over the game.
I'm anxious.
There's a banshee in my adventure.
(Did you know banshee's were created when an extremely vain or self centered person, was so enraged at their own death they re manifested to haunt the living?)
and I dropped my adventure in a vat of symbolism.
Just for kicks. (Alternatively punches, if you're a monk)

I've been reading a great book recently known as My Name is Asher Lev.
It's about a Jewish child who is destined to become a painter.
People keep telling me it made them cry T_T
Finishing it is nerve wracking.
Though, I need to. It's required for Advanced ENGLISH.

Also. a stick in my plan.
That beautiful boy, Marco.
He isn't moving away.
I need to reassess things in that regard.

When I turn eighteen I have a very likely job at Books A Million, by the way.
This pleases me so much.

Be distracted by my pleasure as such to not notice I'm just getting off to go to sleep.
Tomorrow awaits.


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