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the dream after I went caving
I'm grasping on to the memory of a dream with the sinewy tendrils of of my fantastic consciousness. Sleeping this evening I met Sarah, the enemy.
I'll explain the whole of my dream just to place her.

I was escaping by train to a new world; primarily Los Angeles.
I felt the thrill of not knowing precisely where I was headed and
the feeling that I get during thunderstorms, as we passed through dark tunnels.
Somehow we we're always traveling upwards.
The train suddenly stopped, and the goose that was driving our migration train split in half. by some unseen force of destiny.
I left the train and found myself in a cave.
Where I met Sarah, who had been chasing after me.
She did not exist in the traditional human sense but that was the form she took.
(even describing her, makes the idea infinitely more linear than it is, I'm sorry)
The details in this creature were shifting as I watched.
It appeared a viscous liquid that congealed around long stone like bones to form curves that were shaped for the singular purpose of mating. Her eyes were the only light in the dark cavern that was not siphoned in to her presence, "she" seemed an essence taking form. and she payed little regard to the edges of her body. Her body seemed arbitrary, like she could slip in our out of it by choice. I reached out to touch her and as I missed, she ran a lithe almost gaseous hand down my back.Sending cold needles along my spine, The acupuncture of realized possibility.
As I stood staring into her tumultuous eyes,
my existence ceased in the acknowledgment of my feeble attempts of self realization.
My heartbeat pulsed the only pattern I could form.
Sarah, Lillith.
The enemy dispersed into a cackle, mocking my humanity.
and dissolved into me.


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