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I am on fire.
it should be a burn & car crash fire.
Today I lost at an acting tournament. Honestly, I've learned to lose with dignity, so I wasn't all that upset. But yesterday I was all//
waaaah- my life is collapsing on into itself.
all my friendship circles are falling to ruin.
waaaah, I can't go to Los Angeles.
Yes, that is a very "Well.. damn it." sort of situation
But I just need to man the hell up.
After eating at Midcity Grill after the tournament, I drove a mate home,
Then drove disgustingly fast down the back roads on Tennessee.
One thing HVB and I share a passion for.

I feel bloody alive.
It's like. HEY! I want to do something I can be proud of.
HEY! I want to earn the reputation of FUCKING INCREDIBLE.
So. No more of this pansy shit.
I'm Courtney King, and don't you dare forget.


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